Ocean shipping for import and export

Israeli manufacturers, exporters and importers, we invite you to enjoy professional and attractive shipping solutions under one roof in a personal, humane and flexible management that addresses the unique and dynamic needs of your company.

40 years of experience in the field of sea freight and transportation of all types of cargo and shipments.

A large number of main shipping lines, from all over the world, and to anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

Exclusive strategic partner of CEVA LOGISTICS,  the giant international shipping and logistics company,
spread over about 100 countries.

Cargo Amerford’s sea freight service, from anywhere to anywhere in Israel and the world

Cargo Amerford makes all the company’s divisions available to you for a full / partial response as needed: shipping, customs brokerage, warehousing and logistics, credit and insurance.

An expert in maritime shipping accompanies the client from the ordering consultation stage to the final arrival at the destination while constantly updating at each stage.

Cargo Amerford branches are physically located at the ports of Ashdod and Haifa to provide fast logistical service and real-time solutions in the field.

Our customers enjoy our extensive experience and uncompromising professionalism in providing diverse services:

Experts in maritime cargos:

Transporting all types of sea cargo is our specialty, Cargo Amerford is deployed in ports around the world through international partners. We can provide transportation and storage solutions and manage complex projects that require special accompaniment and care.

Shipments in full containers FCL | LCL Partial Containers | Groupage service for small and medium loads | Treatment of bulk cargo and fodder | Shipping dangerous goods | Shipments that require temperature control under stringent conditions

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