Local and international land transport

40 years of experience in land transportation for all types of goods and cargo in Israel and around the world!

Cargo Amerford has a modern and diverse fleet of trucks and vehicles for all types of transportation nationwide with professionalism and uncompromising service.

We are committed to adhering to all work procedures, adjusting the insurance to the cargo, and complying with all transportation standards.

Land transport in Cargo Amerford means to transport any type of cargo and goods from any point to any point in the country and in the world safely and professionally

Solutions for the transportation and distribution of goods and cargo

Cargo Amerford has the professionalism and experience to provide solutions for the transportation and distribution of goods, complex and exceptional cargo, and sensitive equipment and for any complex land transportation project.
The group’s customers are accompanied by the Director of Operations and the teams of the Land Transport Division for coordination and real-time updating on the transportation and distribution of all types of cargo and goods.

Complex overland freight for cargo, goods and sensitive equipment


Enjoy the benefits of one of the largest and leading logistics company in the world with an international deployment in 100 countries, managed in full coordination with the transport division here in Israel. Anything to make sure the cargo reaches its final destination safely.

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