The Cargo Amerford Group provides you with unique expertise in the field of e-commerce for end-to-end logistics handling worldwide by the world’s leading agents.

Handling of B2C shipments using an advanced and flexible IT platform for control and monitoring of deliveries for full door-to-door tracking.

Smooth interface to the international trade website systems and the leading logistics companies in the world, enables fast, cost-effective and efficient handling of shipments to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Advanced logistics services

The field of shipping in e-commerce requires a high level of process management, while updating information in real time. Cargo Amerford has smart logistics services solutions using WMS Experts systems that combine comprehensive logistics services – from freight transportation, customs brokerage services, receiving goods, unloading, storage, packaging, distribution to the customer’s home or to delivery centers and value-added services for B2B and B2C customers.

Advantages of the Amerford Cargo Group for e-commerce

The group provides a complete package of solutions for managing a supply chain for e-commerce, from beginning to end. Our customers enjoy competitive prices, closely accompanied by professional and experienced experts in their field, who tailor the services that are especially suited to the unique needs of the customer .

Control systems, 24/7 monitoring and tracking

Our unique UNIFREIGHT TMS systems enable fast, efficient and cost-effective delivery from any destination in the world, while monitoring and tracking the delivery to the end customer level in real time. We offer electronic and fast collection of payments and taxes, high-level customer service, fast and efficient cargo release and distribution to delivery centers and the customer’s home at attractive prices and professional service.

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