Air freight services  for exporters and importers

Cargo Amerford has over 40 years of experience in managing the logistics supply chain and air freight for importers and exporters in all industries and commerce.

Handling all types of goods and cargo.
Expertise in complex and sensitive shipments and exceptional cargos.

Professionalism in the operation of all types of shipments thanks to exclusive long-standing relationships with leading airlines and one of the largest international logistics strategic partners in the world.

Handling all types of goods and cargo, experts in handling sensitive and complex deliveries.

The group specializes in flexible and dynamic transitions from B2B to B2C
Perfect logistical coordination in e-Commerce shipments for distribution to the customer’s home, by an international network of agents.

Operation of the most advanced information management computer systems, enabling real-time management and tracking of deliveries while reporting and interfacing with customer systems.

Each client is accompanied by a personal manager who is an expert in the field and knows the client’s needs and takes care of full coordination between the interfaces

Our team of experts will be happy to take care of and advise your company and give an accurate answer tailored to your needs for all types of cargos:

Diverse Industrial Products | Special Shipments | Temperature Controlled Products | Sensitive materials | Large / Exceptional Shipments | Classified cargoes

All types of deliveries that provide a solution according to the changing needs:

Door to door | Door to Airport | Door to platform deliveries
Drop Shipment – as a service to Israeli companies that ship through countries around the world for logistical efficiency
Special and fast deliveries – Express | L / C Shipments | Third Party Shipments | Time Critical and AOG shipments

Direct and customized air services for urgent and sensitive shipments
VIP delivery services for sensitive, extremely urgent and complex deliveries with a pre-planned schedule and close monitoring.

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