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Advanced logistics

An innovative complex located in the Modiin Technology Park with an area of 26,000 square meters and 20m highaccessible from the main transport routes (Roads 1, 6, 431).

The Logistic Center has 53 ramps, for loading and unloading, 3 types of warehouses ,withdifferent heights which provide a solution for many types of storage.

Flexibility in working methods allows for dynamism in supply chain management both for B2B and B2C.

Cargo Amerford’s new logistics complex has been designed to support efficient, fast work in full compliance with customer requirements and working methods.

Cargo Amerford provides most advanced logistics solutions tailored made to each customer individually according to his needs and way of working.

Advanced Site Management Method –
“Silent Site” management.

Different and varied picking methodologies such as: FIFO, FEFO, LIFO | Diverse segmental management such as: , serial management, batch management | Innovative transport tools ranging from VNA truck, Order picker, Reach truck, Pallet truck  man

management systems – WMS Warehouse Expert , globally system. with interfacing and full transparency with the customer’s systems in real time.

Integration of interfaces to customer systems
A unique module for ecommerce customers – interfacing with global trading sites that enable accurate continuous operation.

Dynamics in the B2B B2C supply chain

Cargo Amerford has goal of addressing the biggest challenge in the field of logistics in recent years ,which is the ability to provide a flexible response to the logistics supply chain.

The market raises a demand for dynamism in the supply chain.

Customer Portal 24/7 that enables  full transparency.  

expected reception, POD viewing.

Security and safety

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