The recruitment process in the Amerford Cargo Group

Welcome to the Amerford Cargo Group,

As a company with a reputation of 41 years, the Cargo Amerford Group is one of the leading companies in the field of shipping and logistics, a value-based, dynamic and developing company.

We strive to recruit the most worthy professionals who are interested in growing and developing an interesting career full of accomplishments and challenges.

כיום עובדים בקבוצה כ- 300 עובדים.

Our goal when recruiting candidates for the Amerford Cargo Group

Finding the most suitable people for the required positions

Identify potential in terms of professional and personal skills

Thinking ahead – how the candidate can integrate into the Company and contribute to its success

Finding candidates for the group is done through job sites, social platforms, word of mouth, friend brings friend and staffing and placement companies.

The recruitment process for the group begins from the moment the resume of the job seekers is received by the recruitment department

If the candidate’s resume is found suitable, the candidate will go through the following steps:

In-depth telephone interview

If there is an initial match for the position – a personal and professional interview will be conducted in the company’s recruitment department with the recruiting manager

Conversations with recommenders from the last two jobs will be performed

There will be a follow-up interview with a senior manager (for some of the positions)

There will be a reliability test + a conversation with a Security Officer

A salary offer will be submitted

Some highlights:

Our goal is to complete the recruitment process in the best way and in as short a time as possible, however, the quality of the recruitment process is significant for us

If possible, we will combine stages and / or interviews in order to advance the process until the final recruitment of the candidate.

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