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Unique Solutions

Cargo Amerford provides its customers with “Tailor Made” solutions while constantly meeting unmatched accuracy and efficiency standards. These solutions are manifested in unique and exceptional services, designed to facilitate complex and unusual challenges. Here is a list containing just a few of Cargo Amerford's "efficiency first" oriented solutions:

  • Spare-Parts Inventory Management and Storage – This feature offered by the company's logistic support depot, Machlef, is especially suited for companies that are in a constant need of spare-parts. Cargo Amerford is fully committed to a completely safe worldwide and 24/7 (all year long) delivery, within a short notice from the moment the order has been placed.
  • Itemized Supply Chain Management – With Cargo Amerford, every line item ordered or sent is completely accounted for. Cargo Amerford's clients receive a full IT report containing a "live status" update on each of the line items ordered or shipped.
  • Consolidation of both Air-Freight and Sea-Freight Dispatched Cargo – The cargo directed from different suppliers is being picked up weekly from a wide range of ports situated all around the Far East, Europe and The United States.
  • Internet Based Supply Chain Management Framework Allowing Cargo Amerford's customers to personally oversee the SCM process using a specially designated Internet website.
  • Specializing in AOG Dispatching Scenarios – When fixing a grounded aircraft is a top priority, Cargo Amerford's unequalled experience based upon hundreds of previously handled episodes makes it easier. Furthermore, regardless of the destination to which cargo is delivered, Cargo Amerford promises to get it done within 24-48 hours and in a Door To Door standard.
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