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Success Stories

Cargo Amerford’s best assets are the flexibility which ties with the creativity and devotion of its employees. These have been producing a series of success stories, demonstrating the company’s distinctive service capability and advantages.
Hundreds of urgent orders, all reaching their destinations on time
In the world of aviation, a grounded aircraft means loss of large sums of money. Therefore, once a failure that causes grounding of an aircraft is detected – every minute is crucial.
During the past 6 years, Cargo Amerford has been dealing with the most complicated tasks, on the tightest of schedules: Supplying hundreds of orders of crucial and urgent spare parts for private jets all over Europe and the United States, required for their repair.
These multiple orders include cargo delivery of all shapes and sizes – from small packages, including very small parts which loss could delay an entire repair process, to irregular-sized wing parts requiring a freighter aircraft to uplift the oversized cargo. Cargo Amerford moved all these parts, making its commitment for a door-to-door delivery time of no longer than 30 hours, at multiple locations all over the world, including tracking and reporting up to the smallest details of the order.
Full integration of the supply chain management tools, to the customer's IT systems
One of the main advantages of Cargo Amerford is its ability to manage the different moving parts, while being fully synchronized with all parties in the complex network of the supply chain. Cargo Amerford provides that type of support to one of the largest industrial companies in the field of chemicals and fertilizers in Israel.
Cargo Amerford is in charge of all the company’s import and export activities, with all it entails. The company utilizes an invoice-upload software for the client, using a secured link to the customers internal network.
Management of the supply chain is conducted with a wide perspective and includes decision making, managing transport contracts with shipping lines, coordinating land transport, coordination and supervision of direct deliveries of dangerous goods, customs release and implementing optimization and savings actions in the field of logistics and transportation.
Developing unusual solutions for the Military and Defense Industry

Providing transportation services for the Military and Defense industry occasionally includes unusual tasks which require unusual solutions: transporting highly sensitive cargoes and unusual scopes of volume and weight. This fact makes Cargo Amerford's long-time activity in the field an extraordinary achievement.
To understand the extent of this achievement, here’s a review of the facts:

  • Cargo Amerford has coordinated and managed inland and air transportation of more than 28,000 tons of military parts, door-to-door, from Israel to various destinations in the US, at an average transport time of 4.5 days. This was one of the largest projects ever done in the field, and Cargo Amerford accomplished it with excellent results, that gave her worldwide stature and prestige.
  • In order to execute this project, Cargo Amerford chartered over 200 charter freighter flights, specified for cargo transport purposes, while coordinating more than 10,000 door-to-door deliveries and accomplishing more than 99% on-time delivery performance.
  • Cargo Amerford handles hundreds of containers every year, while setting up shipments according to required delivery dates for manufacturing lines and inventory management, throughout the year.
  • Cargo Amerford handles order tracking for every line, catalog number and item in the order, and issues real time reports for each and every order.
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