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Contract Logistics

As cargo is being shipped to its destination port, it is bound to go through many obstacles including endless bureaucracy, storage, shipping and handling that make the transportation process an extremely complex task. For this reason, importers, exporters and distributers are in need of a company that specializes in optimizing the combination between transportation and distribution, which will ensure their satisfaction and full value of their money.
Through its subsidiary, Michlaf,
Cargo-Amerford provides its customers with all of the above and more, while maintaining significant cost savings. Michlaf offers its customers a portfolio of services which is custom built with complete attentiveness to their requirements. This portfolio includes all the necessary logistics services including the reception of inventory, its transportation, storage, distribution, appraisal and many other services. All these are provided via a wide array of logistical storage infrastructures and a qualified, professional staff, giving Michlaf complete flexibility and the opportunity to provide the client with the perfect solution.
All of logistics services, only five minutes from Ben Gurion airport
The base of Michlaf's branched operation is its advanced logistic warehouse, designed and built especially for Michlaf so it will provide full service at low costs:

  • Excellent location - the warehouse is located eight kilometers from Ben Gurion airport, a few minutes drive off Route 6
  • A large storage space - 12,000 sqm of covered storage space of which 6,000 sqm are a bonded warehouse and another 12,000 sqm of storage space in the yard
  • High capacity for loading and unloading of trucks - this is possible due to 11 available loading and unloading gates and a ramp capable of holding 17 trucks simultaneously
  • Continuous activity throughout the day - the warehouse can operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, according to customer demands
  • Computerized management system - ERP system guarantees full coordination between the various factors
  • Bonded warehouse - used as a storage space for imported goods until they receive a clearance from Customs, under the supervision of Israeli Customs Authority and the management of Cargo-Amerford

By utilizing the logistic warehouse, the highly qualified team of employees and a motor pool which consists of 11 trucks, Michlaf provides a whole array of logistics services:

  • Transportation of goods inside the country
  • Loading and unloading of goods at the pick up location and in the warehouse
  • Reception of goods, reviewing the received cargo and comparing it with the purchasing orders
  • Storage and inventory management of all items, including: listing, counting, reporting and indicating on the barcode
  • Compiling orders and providing Pick & Pack services
  • Distribution to stores and other destinations according to client instructions
  • Storage shelving and volumes vary according to need
  • Quality assurance, quality tests, marking, labeling and attaching stickers
  • Handling of returned goods
  • Services include value-added, re-packing and labeling

Supervising and cargo survey services

When it comes to cargo of thousands of tons transferred between sellers and buyers, the client must be supported by supervising and cargo survey services which are based on strict precision. Cargo-Amerford's supervising and cargo survey services include the following elements:

  • Weighing, measuring and verifying the quantities of bulk, liquid and gas cargo that are transported by bulk carriers and designated tankers
  • Overseeing and supervising direct deliveries of conventional cargos for industrial companies and comprehensive projects
  • Executing an appraisal survey and generating appraisal insurance and quality assurance reports - these are accepted by the major international groups in charge of the matter.
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