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Agricultural Export

The transportation and delivery of agricultural cargo are not trivial. In order for agricultural products to arrive at their destination in optimal conditions, there's a need for certain sensitivity and meticulousness which can only be gained by years of experience and unmatched professionalism.
Cargo Logistics Solutions, a subsidiary of Cargo Amerford, boosts a 30 percent market share of the Israeli agricultural export sector due to its vast experience. With over 12,000 refrigerated export containers a year and 13,000 tons in the air, Cargo Logistics Solutions provides leading companies in the agricultural export sector with "door-to-door" air and ocean transportation coordination services for their agricultural products.  Cargo Logistical Solutions has developed over its years of activity an innovative service system which provides its customers with devoted, reliable and professional solutions that hassle free and smooth handling of their cargo, from origin to destination.
Our agricultural export service includes: 

  • Coordination and support of door-to-door ocean shipping in refrigerated containers, trucks and air freight
  • Aid in acquiring export/import permits in Israel and destination country
  • Company representative at ports and airport enabling direct contact with shipping company, tracking and accessibility to container
  • Tracking system providing a status update of each shipment at any given time, via all communication means allowing for professional management of crises
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