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Ceva Logistics

In terms of international transportation, the global village of today is not as small as it seems. To utilize to the fullest potential of trade routes in the air, at sea and on land, companies and organizations must be supported by the services of an international transportation company, that sustains business relationships with thousands of bodies around the world. Such is the company Ceva Logistics, the business partner of Cargo-Amerford, which is the exclusive agent of the company in Israel.
Those who benefit most from this unique collaboration are the clientele of Cargo-Amerford. For the price of the company's services, customers receive the services of the fourth largest transportation company in the world, giving added value to the service's outstanding operational flexibility and unprecedented availability. These are possible thanks to 41,000 employees and 12.8 million sqm. of storage spaces and offices, that Ceva Logisitcs holds in over 100 different countries.
The Ceva Logistics company as it exists today, is the product of a merger between two large transportation companies: Ceva Logistics and - EGL (Eagle Global Logistics). The merger between the two companies expanded the company's operational abilities and helped it becoming a leading body in the international transportation industry, with combined revenue of 6.3 billion Euros in 2008.
Awards That Say It All
The Ceva Logistics company is particularly well-known for its exceptional processes of supply chain management, which provide its customers with scheduled and orchestrated management of their businesses. The company is experienced in working with a wide array of industries, including: motor vehicles and tires, technology, space and aviation, industrial, retail and consumer products, health and energy.
Ceva Logistics' excellence has won the company many international awards:

  • SIL (2007) - Best logistics company in Spain
  • SMART (2007) - Best production and supply chain management in Australia
  • Award for Information Technology Applied to Logistics (2006) - Brazil
  • 3PL (2006) - Italy
  • Award for the best logistics service (2006) - Italy
  • Award for transportation and logistics (2003) - Great Britain
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