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Cargo Amerford: Logistics Solutions Meeting the Highest International Standards
In a business environment where service, flexibility and availability are paramount, the logistics activities of your company are fundamental for the success of your production, distribution and marketing process.
We, at Cargo Amerford, provide our customers with superior logistics management and transportation solutions that enable businesses to run efficiently in a constantly changing world. We offer an array of logistics services that meet the highest of international standards, providing a comprehensive and individually tailored solution to companies and organizations of all sizes.
Cargo Amerford was established in 1980 and is
Ceva Logistics' exclusive strategic partner in Israel. As the world’s fourth largest supply chain management company with an extensive global network with facilities in over 100 countries, Ceva Logistics offers Israeli customers professional, experienced and uncompromising service.
An Array of Logistics Solutions under One Roof
Cargo Amerford offers a wide range of logistics and transportation solutions under one roof. With each solution we offer, we promise experienced and efficient service starting with ensuring the execution of the smallest detail to overseeing the implementation of complex projects. 
Cargo Amerford's Services include:

  • Air transportation
  • Ocean transportation
  • Customs clearance for air and ocean shipments
  • Ground transportation
  • Storage and distribution
  • Agricultural export
  • Insurance
  • Survey and supervision
  • In house or off-site support

Flexibility, Resourcefulness
At Cargo Amerford, we believe that our professional team is key to our success. The investment we make in our employees is evident in the exceptional quality of service we offer our customers. We promise personal care and contact, flexible solutions and thorough understanding of our customer's needs based on our expertise. Our team is empowered to provide quick and efficient response in any contingency.
National Distribution, Seamless Coordination
As one of Israel’s top five logistics service providers in Israel, Cargo Amerford employs 250 people. The Company has five offices throughout the country and a state-of-the-art logistics and distribution center.
Our offices are linked to a world-class technology system to manage our customer's supply chain. This system enables real-time information and accessibility so that any of our offices can seamlessly service our customer.
Local and International Customers
Cargo Amerford's excellence has made it into one of the leading logistics management and transportation solutions companies preferred by diverse companies, leaders in their fields. These customers come from various sectors including; aviation, defense and security, IT, fashion and textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, agriculture products, consumer and retail products and more. We are proud that our customers know that their products are in the best of hands and will be delivered on time and in a seamless manner.

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